How do busy mom’s transform their lives and lives of their families by simple everyday things without a medical degree?

With 180+ LITTLE HELPER VIDEOS for common aches, pains, and ailments. Get instant access to the Health Help At Home Video Library now!

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Meet Dr. Krista Ryan

Mom of 2, Wife, and Aunt to over 60 and counting!

From: Dr. Krista Ryan

Hello Moms,

I'm so glad you found this page! 

I want to share a secret with you. During my 14 years of practice as a doctor of chiropractic, I have found that there are hundreds of things that you can do at home to you and your family with common aches, pains, and ailments. 

That's can take some initial steps that go A LONG WAY towards improving you and your family's health event BEFORE you need to see a doctor. 

The fact that you're reading this right now suggests you want to be the go-to doctor for yourself and your family. 

So, I'd like to share a library of hundreds of really amazing little helpers that has made me and countless other mom's be the go to doctor for ourselves and our families. 

Health Help At Home Video Library

180+ Little Helper Videos will give you bite size lessons on big time aches, pains, and ailments.

Do you or any of your loved ones struggle with any of the following:

Acid Reflux
Adrenal Function
Adrenal Fatigue
Blood Clots
Blood Pressure
Carpal Tunnel
Circulation Problems
Cracking Joints
Curves In Your Spin
Digestion Problems
Elbow Pain
Eyes That Won't Relax
Gallbladder Function
Gallbladder Stones
General Stiffness
Hand Numbness
Heart Palpitations
Jaw Problems
Neck Pain
Pooling Blood
Rib Pain
Scar Tissue
Shoulder Pain
Skin Irritations
Sleeping Issues
Sinus Problems
Teeth Grinding
Thymus Function
Trouble Breathing
Trouble Processing Corn
Varicose Veins
Vision Issues
Walking Problems
Yeast Imbalances

Learn nutrition remedies inside the 180+ Little Helper Videos that will help you with:

Breath Easier
Common Cold Symptoms
Digest Protein
Ear Function
Eye Function
Gallbladder Function
Heart Function
Liver Function
Relieve Hand Numbness
Small Intestine Function

With the 180+ Little Helper Videos you will also discover unexpected remedies like:

Face Mask At Night
Fermented Foods
Foam Rollers
Mineral & Food Pairings
Olive Oil
Reflexology For Intestine Function
Slippery Elm
Tongue Exercises
Tongue Analysis
Vitamin B
Your Best Multivitamin

Learn How To:

Balancing Your Lower Back
Expand Your Ribs
Stretch Your Neck
Stretch Your Shoulders

See A Few Examples Of Little Helper Videos

Relax Your Eye Muscles with this
 Little Helper Video

Learn How You Can
Lower Your Blood Pressure
with this
Little Helper Video

Health Help At Home Video Library
What's Included?

Once you purchase the Health Help At Home Video Library, you'll have INSTANT access to ALL 180 little helper videos. 

In Addition To Your Purchase Of The Health Help At Home Video Library, You Will Receive:

Access To ALL New Helper Videos

Every quarter, there will be new helper videos added. With your purchase today, you will receive access to all new helper videos added to the library.

Access To The Health Help At Home Facebook Group

Join the Health Help At Home Community and learn even more health tips and tricks for you and your family. In this group, we regularly host, Facebook Lives where you can bring your health questions to Dr. Ryan. 

Access To The Health Help At Home Podcast

Join the Health Help At Home Community and learn even more health tips and tricks for you and your family.

BONUS: Vitamin Recommendations

When you purchase the Health Help At Home Video Library today, you will also gain access to a special module with product recommendations. 


Will This Really Help Me And My Family?

Here are my credentials...

AND, you'll get all that knowledge when you get instant access to the Health Help At Home Video Library!
So Here's A Few Things You Might Be Interested In Knowing About Me, Including Both The Struggles And Triumphs...
I met my husband in flight school but when my son was born we realized that one of us had to do something different. I loved health and biology and I thought perhaps of becoming a midwife until a chiropractor showed up in a class I was taking and I was hooked. I decided to work with her and become a chiropractor. We were living out west when I graduated but I wanted to return to Ontario so that my son would know his grandparents. I bought a large clinic and began the journey to becoming the best in my field. I have always had a huge thirst for knowledge and I figured that if could learn just one more thing to help overdeliver for my patients I would do whatever I could to make that happen. But in practice I quickly realized that all the knowledge that I had worked for hard to get would only  help the person right in front of me. I also realized that we are not empowered to take charge of our health in today's medical system and I decided to take steps to change all that. I want you to be body aware and get the tools to help yourself at home by knowing common action steps to help before going to the doctor. I myself needed these things in my life to decrease the pain of being a farm girl and I want to help each of you who need these skills too. 

Here Is A Recap Of Everything You Get When You Purchase The Health Help At Home Video Library Today!

  • Instant Access To 180 Health Help At Home Video Helpers ($8000 Value)
  • Access To All New Video Helpers Released Quarterly ($400 Value)
  • Community Support via the Facebook Group and Facebook Lives ($400 Value)
  • Access to the Health Help At Home Podcast ($1600 Value)
  • ​Vitamin Recommendations From Dr. Ryan ($200 Value)
  • Bonus Training From Dr. Ryan ($400 Value)

Total Value = $3800

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What Others Are Saying...

Listen To Their Experiences

Big shout out to Dr. Krista Ryan! Within 60 seconds no more pain, immediate relief in just one visit from someone that genuinely cares. She's gentle, efficient and really, really good at what she does! 

Dr. Krista Ryan made me a believer. I didn't think there was anything wrong with me, even when Dr. Ryan pointed out where I might need an adjustment just by looking at me. After my first appointment with Dr. Ryan, I said,"If this is how I'm suppose to feel then I wasn't fine!" Dr. Ryan is a compassionate, amazing person with an incredible depth of knowledge. 

(Note: You may need to turn up the sound a bit to hear this gem.)

A Email From A Happy Customer. Don't Miss Out On This!

Hi Everyone,

For those who are looking for some reliable health advise to make your day to day living healthier and more enjoyable, I would highly recommend checking out Health Help at Home.

Dr. Krista Ryan has a wealth of knowledge from her extensive studies and has a genuine passion for wanting to help people live to their full potential.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Krista’s for the past 12 years and have witnessed and experienced her willingness to want to help people. She goes above and beyond to help and if she doesn’t know the answer to something, she will do the research and find out.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain knowledge and insight from someone who truly cares.


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